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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Angelwitch (1980 - NWOBHM: early Slayer, Witchfinder General, Metalica)

got some feed back from Clandestine who runs the great blog . He's got some real cool stuff if your into metal/ stoner metal/ or just plain old weirdness.

he wrote this and you have to go to his page to download link at the bottom

Angelwitch's debut studio album. If Angelwitch had a fault (and that's a big "if"), it was the overproduction on this album. Maybe it's just because I heard the live album first, but the chorus harmonies always seemed too big and disco-fied on this record. Regardless, this is a legendary recording, and quite possibly the most perfect example of NWOBHM before Witchfinder General and Dickinson-era Maiden. In a perfect world, every jock asshole that claimed to be a Metallica fan in 1993 and DIDN'T own a copy of this album would've been molested extra hard by his wrestling coach as "Enter Sandman" played over the weightroom's loudspeaker.

1. Angel Witch
2. Atlantis
3. White Witch
4. Confused
5. Sorcerers
6. Gorgon
7. Sweet Danger
8. Free Man
9. Angel of Death
10. Devil's Tower

In the middle of last night she went out for her revenge:

super link to to download
and thank him for the free shit, numbnuts...

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Missing Links - s/t (1966 - super stoned-out AUS Maximum RnB: The Pretty Things, The Downliner Sect)

The Missing Links - The Missing Links Here is the exact moment when snot-nosed, tight-jean, American-RnB record-dweebs stopped worrying about perfecting their Jimmy Reed licks and started aiming solely at drugs and girls as the main remedy for a chronic case of pent-up adolescent frustration.

Sorry to say, Eric "cocaine" Clapton, but your Guitar God statues might get you the respect of your mates who can appreciate the authentic purity of master-race white-boy blues, but can you imagine how many hours of shamefully chapped-palmed masturbation he had to endure in order to get his nimble suburban-middle class digits to play like they had been tempered in the backwoods of the American South?

If your young, dumb, full of cum you can make like The Missing Links here and drop that "tallent" ruse for a cloud of blunt-smoke and and a rafter-swinging stage routine because in the end the ladies will go with the long haired guys every time. That's the whole reason for starting a rock band, right?

Yep, it is this very cheep-thrills proto-punk philosophy that would shortly develop into the even more refined no-girls-necessary ethos of the Psychedelic era. But in 1965-66 the drugs weren't THAT good, and so it was just a wild-man ape routine that separated your barely in-tune Fender Stratocaster from the thick-milk cream thighs of the female race.

The Missing Links were Sydney, Australia's answer to the Stones, Kinks, Pretty Things beat-boom of the mid-60's, but like most Australian rock imports, their sound was suspiciously raw, wild, and completely unhinged. Sure the Pretty Things were pretty raw, wild, and unhinged themselves, but The Missing Links give it an armature flair that takes their proto-punk formula into another proto-psych dimension entirely.

Sure much of this album sounds like standard Downliner Sect-type snarled RnB, but tracks like "Wild About You," which anticipated a John's Children-esque mod-psych-biker gang freak-out sex party, and a Pretty Thing's coped "Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut", which now sounds like the bongo-rhythmed beach-blanket-bong-out soundtrack that it was never intended to be.

The real deal sealer here though is an at first mysterious track titled "H'tuom Tuhs." What sort of Voodoo nonsense are they speaking you ask? When their recording engineer was playing back the "Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut" track, someone in the band like the sound and decided to make a single out of it. Yep, thats right, their bongo-freak-out version of "Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut" was intentional cut BACKWARDS and released on two sides of a single and on the LP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read it and weep! "H'tuom Tuhs" in '65?!?! I can't believe they have weed THAT good in the out-backs out Australia!??!!?
The Missing Links - Unchained - hackneyed overview by denez
  1. Wild About You
  2. Hobo Man
  3. Bald-Headed Woman
  4. Not To Bother Me
  5. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
  6. Some Kinda Fun
  7. You're Drivin' Me Insane
  8. Nervous Breakdown
  9. Speak No Evil
  10. On the Road Again
  11. All I Want
  12. H'Tuom Tuhs
168 kbps, ripped from vinyl.

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Record label crackdown on 30+ yr old vinyl bootlegs on eBay?

Check this out over at BoingBoing

Jacob Blickenstaff says,

Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group (and probably others) have been cracking down on the sale of 30-year old + vinyl bootlegs. Most of these recordings are of concerts, sometimes unreleased demos, etc and were manufactured decades ago. Many titles are collectable and have sold sometimes for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, their value being more of an artifact than contraband. Recordings of Brian Wilson, Led Zeppelin and Neil Young, for example, have been removed from my listings by eBay under a program caled VeRO. Link.

Someone is out there searching for certain titles and artists and requesting their removal from ebay. I can't tell whether the system is powered by computer searches or the eyeballs of bottom-of-the-totem-pole record company interns. It just seems a little up-tight. Record companies aren't making a cent off of ANY used LP auctioned on eBay so why the big fuss over these obscure collector-fetish objects?

Here is a list of who participates: Link.

(Thanks, Consumerist!)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Captain Beyond - s/t (1972 - progressive hard rock: BOC, Groundhogs, Stray)

Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond Singer Rod Evans (formally of Deep Purple), guitarist Larry "Rhino" Rheinhardt, bassist Lee Dorman (both from Iron Butterfly), and drummer Bobby Caldwell (from the Johnny Winters group) give you some indication of what this band will sound like - hard rock with a progressive complex song structure and strong musical dynamic.

What the fuck does that mean you ask? It means that I'm too lazy to do much work on this one. Pretty hard-rocking most all the way through, but in a pretty mainstream Blue Oyster Cult sort of way. If your really into popular classic hard rock, then you'll dig this (sort of reminds me of the Groundhogs who I posted before), but if your looking for heavier numb-skull dirges you'll have to look else where.

I got this from a friend of mine and it was with the special hologram cover. Wowie Zowie, now that's rock and roll.

- overview quickly slapped together by denez.

  1. Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)
  2. Armworth
  3. Myopic Void
  4. Mesmerization Eclipse
  5. Raging River of Fear
  6. Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Intro)
  7. Frozen Over
  8. Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Time Since Come and Gone)
  9. I Can't Feel Nothin', Pt. 1
  10. As the Moon Speaks (To the Waves of the Sea)
  11. Astral Lady
  12. As the Moon Speaks (Return)
  13. I Can't Feel Nothin', Pt. 2
168 kbps, ripped from vinyl.

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