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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Electric Banana - Blows Your Mind (recordings from around 1967- 1969)

If you didnt' know it by now, The Pretty things were one of the best unsung bands from the 1960's. And by 1960's, I mean the whole damn decade. Their first singles were recorded in 1964 along the same time as the early Rolling Stones meterial. The Rolling Stones mention is appropriat because lead guitarist Dick Taylor playeyd in an early incarnation of the Stones. This early Pretty Things meterial is very R&B based like the Stones stuff, but the Pretties make the Stones seem like a bunch of goody-two-shoes compaired. Phile May on vacals takes a similar Jaggers vocal attack but kicks the raunch up to that of a spoiled 15 year old. Dick Taylor, Brian Pendleton, and John Stacks all ripped up Bo Diddley and Jimmy Reed covers, with Viv Prince on drums out Keith Moon-ing Keith Moon.

Not to get to much into the bands early days, their later meterial was highlighed by the album S F Sorrow which was recored in Abby Road Studios around the same time as Sgt. Peppers and Piper at the Gates of Dawn. It's also unquestionably on par with either of thouse albums.

But back to this album. Here's what I wrote in the Wikipedia article on The Pretty Things:

The band also managed to make some extra cash by recording a number of songs for the DeWolfe Music Library that eventually were featured in several low-budget films during the 60's and early 70's. Some of these films include 1969's What's Good For the Goose and 1969's Haunted House of Horror and even a couple of soft porn films. Not intended for official release, these songs were later compiled on to records and released under the alias Electric Banana: 1967's Electric Banana, 1968's More Electric Banana, 1969's Even More Electric Banana, 1970's Hot Licks, and 1978's Return of the Electric Banana. The initial releases featured one side of vocal and one side of instrumental tracks. Subsequent releases of these albums generally keep the true identity of the band secret.
So, Here's the Track list. Most of it is S F Sorrow era sounding, with all the non-Pretty Things and instramentals cut out.


  1. Alexander
  2. It'll Never Be Me
  3. I Love You
  4. Gray Skies
  5. What's Good For The Goose
  6. If I Needed Somebody
  7. Street Girl
  8. Blow Your Mind
  9. Eagle's Son
  10. I See You
  11. Love, Dance And Sing
  12. Danger Signs
  13. Walking Down The Street
  14. A Thousand Ages From The Sun
  15. Rave Up
128 kbps, ripped from CD

Buy it here


At 10:25 AM, Blogger rimbaud said...

thanks for your blog, it's very useful and well done! could you please explain me the real content of BLOWS YOUR MIND? they are The Pretty Things playing, but this album isn't present in their discography; why? what does exactly it contains of the DE WOLFE period? please tell me angelo

At 11:55 AM, Blogger rimbaud said...

and please could you tell me where I can download "Even more electric banana"? please reply, my friend, and thanks for your work and kindness angelo

At 1:22 AM, Blogger Heavy D said...

You can find three DE WOLFE Electric Banana rips over at .

At 12:55 PM, Blogger rimbaud said...

many many thanks and have an happy 2009! what could you suggest to me similar to the Pretty Things - but something not known - (exept Chocolate Watchband, 13th floor elevators, etc.)
thanks for the blog, absolutely well done and useful for us, who love music and the emotions it communicate

At 9:56 AM, Blogger nick beef said...


hum... I could suggest so much. I'll just post some more Pretties-esque music on the ol' blog for you.

just tell me which of it you like and what you think sucks.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger rimbaud said...

thanks to you, Denez, you are very kind. bye and see you soon

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