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Monday, February 27, 2006

John's Children - Orgasm

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Down On Cyprus Avenue blogs about John's Children - The Legendery Orgasm album. Thay give it a bad review, but whatever.

get it here. giving a run for its money

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I'm not going to lie, a significant portion of my music research is done on the allmusic website. Sure it's good, and comprehensive,and has well, 20 second extreamly-low-quality sound samples.

But sometimes that just not enough. Check out and don't be put off by the admitedly shitty look of the site. You'll quickly see how suprisingly comprehensive this site and its user-submited too. Gee-wizz!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

the velvet underground - VU + Another View (1969)

The Velvet Underground - VU

The Velvet Underground - Another View

Some time in 1968 John Cale left the band (or was fired by Lou, whatever) and a young man named Doug Yule was brought into the band to cover bass detail. Yule was from Boston and played in a band called, the Grass Menagerie. As far as I can tell, they never recorded anything (let me know if i'm wrong about this).

Now, I don't quite know why but poor ol' Doug seems to get no respect in the legend of the Velvet Underground's history. Many people don't even know who the hell his is, while at the same time that down-syndrome sounding wench Nico (she was a looker, though) get's all the credit. She sang (poorly i might add) one one studio album while Doug Yule performed on two. Thats a tie with that viola-hugging dandy John Kale. Yule sings lead on about half of Loaded's tracks.

...About Loaded... Apparenlty, after Doug Yule and his Velvet Undergrouds recorded their second self titled album (the mellow one), thay went into the studio and recorded a structurly suprisingly similar album.

Ultimatly the album was rejected by their record label. The band went back to the studio and recorded an album "loaded with hits" as the owner of their label had instructed them to do.

But durring the mid-80's return of interest in the band, their previous label, Verve, realized that they were sitting on a pile of unreleased Velvet meterial. These 1984 and 1986 albums contained most all of the unreleased album, as well as a hogepog of other tracks. Some of these tracks are great rock and roll numbers (Foggy Notion, We're Gonna Have A Goodtime Together, Temptation Inside Your Heart), brillent pop songs(She's My Best Friend, Ride Into The Sun), while others try to fill some of the avant-guard void that John Cale left (Ferryboat Bill, Hey Mr. Rain).

You can recreate the supposed "lost album" from these tracks, but im to lazy to post wich ones make up the tracklist. Maybe i will later.

- overview by denez


  1. I Can't Stand It
  2. Stephanie Says
  3. She's My Best Friend
  4. Lisa Says
  5. Ocean
  6. Foggy Notion
  7. Temptation Inside Your Heart
  8. One of These Days
  9. Andy's Chest
  10. I'm Sticking With You
Buy it here.

Another View

  1. We're Gonna Have A Goodtime Together
  2. I'm Gonna Move Right In
  3. Hey Mr. Rain (Version I)
  4. Ride Into The Sun
  5. Coney Island Steeplechase
  6. Guess I'm Falling In Love
  7. Hey Mr. Rain (Version II)
  8. Ferryboat Bill
  9. Rock And Roll (Original Version)
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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Smoke - ...It's Smoke Time (1967)

I had always thought this band was German, or Dutch. I guess it there were a number of factors including the fact that they are pretty well known, but artn't huge. With a single like "My Frind Jack" I can't see how thay could slip under the rader unless thay were from out side of England. The band members names are Mick Rowley, Geoff Gill, Mal Luker, and Zeke Lund. I figued that with names like Geoff, Mal, and Zeke thay had to be dutch. Also the repressing I have is all in dutch (or German, whatever).

Well it turns out The Smoke were Brittish, but only scored a hit it Germany. How this happend is beyond me becasue aside from their big hit "My Frind Jack" with its mind-warp oscilating fuzz-guitar sound and its none-too-subtle lyrics ("My frind Jack eats shugar lumps"!), many of the other tracks on this album are right up there with The Creation's "Makin' Time" in terms of guitar sound hacking. And they say Pete Townsend "invented" this?

The songs have a fairly standard 60's modish sense of melody, a few fillers, but more than enough fuzz-pop hits. Not all the songs feature knuckle-blistering guitar lines, but if thats what your looking for check out, "You Can't Catch Me", "High In a Room", but don't skip over the rest 'cuz songs like "Wake Up Cherylina" or "It's Just Your Way Of Lovin'" get by on song craft alone.

I have a few of their other singles like "Have Some More Tea" and "Sydney Girl" which are a real shame thay didn't make it onto the album. Maybe I'll put them up too someday, if you ask nicely.

- overview by Denez

  1. My Friend Jack
  2. Waterfall
  3. You Can't Catch Me
  4. High In A Room
  5. Wake Up Cherylina
  6. Don't Lead Me On
  7. We Can TAke It
  8. If The Weather's Sunny
  9. I Wanna Make It With You
  10. It's Getting Closer
  11. It's Just Your Way Of Lovin'
  12. I Would If I Could But I Can't
128 kbps, ripped from vinyl.

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