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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Screaming Lord Sutch - And Heavy Friends(1970 - Led Zep, Yardbirds)

Screaming Lord Sutch - Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends From my post:

Not half as bad as some people make this out to be. Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, John Bonham (the Yardbirds & Led Zepplin) , Noel Reddings (Jimi Hendrix Experiance) and the rest effortlessly put out top notch material that sounds like some unused Led Zep tracks. I used the phrase eforlessly because there are the ocational tracks that seem like the band wasn't trying very hard, but even when not trying, these guys still produce the goods.

Then there is Lord Sutch himself. Easily the weakest link here, but many times his off key yelp sorta works. Remember, rock and roll isn't necessarily a singing-man's sport (Dylan, Neal Young, Ozzy, for example) and Sutch works best when the band is rockin hard enough to mask his flaws. He's got Chutzpah, you've got to give him that. And some times that's all it takes.

- review by denez


1. Wailing Sounds
2. 'Cause I Love You
3. Flashing Lights
4. Gutty Guitar
5. Would You Believe
6. Smoke and Fire
7. Thumping Beat
8. Union Jack Car
9. One For You, Baby
10. L-O-N-D-O-N
11. Brightest Light
12. Baby, Come Back

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But in the mean time you can here it here:


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