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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Kids (1979 - first-wave Belgian KBD punk rock: Hubble Bubble, Ivy Green, The Saints)

The Kids - The Kids Bootlegged a enough times for this to be accepted as one of the best non-UK/US/Ireland bands of the first rock-n'-roll-tinged punk wave. This is Belgium's The Kids (there was at least 2 others at the same time, not all punk) and this is their rip snortin' first album released on Philips, of all labels. I guess there wasn't quite the same DIY underground distribution system in place yet as there was in the UK and Ireland.

In any case, Philips probably had the same idea in mind that these three delinquent youth had: to capitalize on this emerging punk trend while it was still cool to wear a ripped t-shirt and a dangly earring. But just because lead singer Ludo Mariman on the back cover wears a badge that says "PUNK" and has (shutter) saftey pins through it, doesn't mean that they're not "authentic" or some bullshit like that. In my worthless opinion, there was no such thing as a punk parody band, because punk itself was a parody of prevailing rock and roll cliches. The worse the better! (see the Gong Show's punk episide for an example.)

Ok, enough half-baked punk sociological deconstruction for one day. As the band declare in their first song, "This is Rock n' Roll", the music is, um, well, rock n' roll. Only every cliche is turned up to 10. It's not exactly melodic, but like most bands from the pre-hardcore punk wave, it's memorable thanks in large part to it sounding so damn fun. This was when punk was a still phenomenon that was flirting with some mainstream appeal and everyone was invided, instead of becoming an alienating clique.

Ok, this is one of my top 10 first wave punk albums, despite my above review failing to communicate how much I like this band. If nothing else, it will show you that punk was more than just a London vs. New York fashion contest. There were ADD addled high-school drop-outs looking for some cheep r'n'r thrills every where in the world (see Austraila for more evidence of this.)

- boring uninspired review by denez!

1. This is rock 'n roll
2. Do you love the nazis
3. Bloody Belgium
4. For the fret
5. Baby that's alright
6. Fascist cops
7. I wanna get a job in the city
8. I don't care
9. I feel alright
10. Old D.J.'s
11. I'll get you
12. Money is all I need

128 kbps, ripped from vinyl.
I don't think this has yet seen a legit reissue. A six CD discography is available at this random site, but it will cost you a lot of euros.

So instead, check out the comments!!! Then drop your pants, look to your left, and cough.


At 8:46 PM, Blogger nick beef said...

here's what your looking for:

But just in case you wanted to know the lyrics from that band on the Gong Show, here they are:

I wanna be your sausage
I wanna be your meat
Don't tell me I'm outrageous
I'll shoot you in the street
I like your new dress
Now take it off
Come over here for playtime
I'll show ya I'm tough

This is my love song to you
This is my love song, I love You

I bought you a vibrator
But the batteries went down
I'd go and get ya new ones
but it's twenty miles to town
Bought you seven pairs of panties
One for every day
While you're sniffin' one pair
I got the other six for play

This is my love song to you
This is my love song, I love you
Alright.....Okay.....Alright.. ..Okay...

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