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Saturday, December 13, 2008

v/a - Teenage Suicide Vol. 2 (1977 - 85 - powerpop, punk, and other junk)

Here's round two of my powerpop compilation. I had this completed weeks ago, but I couldn't find any cool pictures to go along with it. So instead you get lable scans and detailed information about each release. BORING! I know you don't give a fuck because your just a freeloading internet troll who was looking for porn and stumbpled on my blog cuz of the walking booty .gif in the corner there. Well your going to learn something anyways.

Added bonus! I'm tired and don't feel like finishing this blog post, so I've dropped the link allready and will fill in the rest of the info later. Hows that for professionalism!

Shadowfax - The Russians Are Comming/ Calling The Shots - Risky Disks (1980) - All I know is that this disk runs in the $300 range, and thus why I ripped it from the "Teenage Treats" comp vol. 6, which is kinda rare itself.

The Pork Dukes - Bend And Flush/ Throbbing Gristle - Wood Records (1977) - Apparently some distributor listed this then non-existent band's first release in their catalog as a joke. Over a 1000 pre-orders later someone had to quickly get a band together and actually record the single.

Gary Valentine - The First One/ Tomorrow Belongs To You - (197?) - Bassist for Blondie's solo work. Real good stuff especially since I don't care about Blondie.

1. Shadowfax - The Russians Are Coming
2. The Pork Dukes - Bend and Flush
3. Gary Valentine - Tomorrow Belongs to You

4. The Scruffs - Teenage Girls
5. The Pigs - Youthanasia
6. Boy's Life - Perfect Life
7. The Sidewalks - Rhythm Kids
8. The Bureaucrats - Feel the Pain
9. The Taxi Boys - Up Is Up
10. Stiv Bators - Not That Way Anymore
11. The Sages - Not This Time

12. Marc Thor - Rosanella
13. Marbles - Red Lights
14. The Players - Maybe Tonight
15. The Cold - You
16. Lonely boys - Lonely Boys
17. Advertising - Lipstick
18. Da Biz - On The Beach
19. The Barracudas - I Want My Woody Back
20. The Denizens - Danger in Disneyland
21. Josie Cotton - Johnny Are You Queer

- compiled by Denez "butterscotch pudding" McAdoo

I personally recorded all this crap from vinyl, 90% from original 45's. Some of it may sound crappy, but if you don't like it, then go eat a bag of dicks. A few of the tracks I pulled from either a Killed By Death, Power Pearls, or Teenage Treats comp. There all good (and all bootlegs themselves) so go search for 'em on Ebay. Their also all vinyl only.

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