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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Destroy All monsters

Yep, they're named after one of thouse imported giant monster movies, with Godzilla vs Mothra vs Rodan, ect. But this band formed in 1973 with a femal-Iggy pop on vocals named Niagra. Yep, they were from Detroit also which means that by 1976 the band had recuited former Stooges guitarist Ron Ashton and former MC5's bassist Michial Davis, what a line up! But by this time they were releasing singls and trying to get played on the radio. This is what we have here on this 7 song self titled album on the Get Back label from Italy:

Side A

1 - Bored - mp3
2 - You're Gonna Die
3 - November 22ne, 1968

Side B

4 - Meet The Creeper
5 - Nobody Knows
6 - What Do I Get?
7 - Goin' To Lose

Unfortunaly this line up only lasted about as long enough to record just about these songs and little else. But there is also a massive 3 disc box set that covers the pre-Ashton and Davis years with just Niagara, Jim Shaw, Mike Kelley, and Cary Loren playing from 1976-1976. I've never seen this box set but it was reported put out on Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore's label in 1995. Though that original line up have subsuquently reformed occationly and put out an album of meterial (2001's Swamp Gas). I would like to hear either one of thouse albums so if any one has any info, let me know.


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