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Monday, March 02, 2009

Charles Manson - LIE (1970 - hippy-dippy, mumbo-jumbo - Tyrannosaurus Rex, Neil Young, Ya Ho Wa 13)

Charles Manson - Lie
What more can I say about this man? A charming fellow or psychopathic serial murder?

1) Look At Your Game Girl
2) Ego
3) Mechanical Man

4) People Say I'm No Good
5) Home Is Where You're Happy
6) Arkansas

7) I'll Never Say Never to Always
8) Garbage Dump
9) Don't Do Anything Illegal

10) Sick City
11) Cease To Exist
12) Big Iron Door
13) I Once Knew A Man
14) Eyes of A Dreamer

- Denez "the faithful acolyte" McAdoo

Ripped from a tape on Awareness Records, 1987. This might have actually been done by ESP Records out of New York. Don't know really. Either way, good luck getting a hold of a vinyl copy.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

v/a - Still I'm Sad - Sunday Morning Psychadellic Sunshowers (1966-69 - Moddy Garage, Introspective Psych, and Baroque Pop)

I think of of the first garage comp to focus almost exclusively on this vein of music was the "Shutdown '66" comp that came out in 1991. I read somewhere that the compiler, lacking any better category for describing these sad minor-chord ballads of love-lost and forlorn hearts, as simply "uncompables" because the average garage-head lust was aimed at suburban snot-nosed punk dementia.

Well, you know, punks have feeling too.

In fact, in my opinion, rock n' roll degenerates come in two flavors: cool, popular guys that turn to music because its a quick and easy way to get girls. These are the "Jim Morrisons" of the world and include anyone who's ever worn leather pants.

Then there are the hopeless-causes. These guys have either bad teeth, bad hair, bad skin, or all three. Girls don't like them and they turn to rock and roll out of shear desperation. This includes everyone who has ever been a Ramone. Chances are that hours of practicing "Stairway to Heaven" in their basement will, somehow, manage to magically inject them with just enough sex appeal to get laid at least once. But, unsurprisingly, this will not help them overcome their painful social incompetence and out of frustration they are forced to wright songs about the bad girls who they don't ever want to see again, the good girls who they do, and the girls who they just can't seem to get to notice them at all.

You'll notice that about halfway through, I sort of drop the theme of minor chord, organ heavy garage ballads a bit and throw in some baroque pop, moody rockers, and even a few better known mainstream bands like The Byrds, The Seeds, The Association, etc. I did it for variety, to appeal to a wider audience, and maybe I'll even pump out a second comp in a few short weeks.

Well, I'm off to my room now. I'm gonna go work on the intro to "Louie Louie" for a bit... I wonder if that girl from the soda-pop stand likes rock and roll....

1. Sandy In Motion - I'm a Walking Dream
2. The Lemon Drops - I Live in the Springtime
3. The Third Rail - No Return
4. John Brown's Bodies - Out Of My Mind
5. Unknown - We'll Do Things My Way
6. One of Hours - Psychedelic Illusions

7. Wimple Witch - Save My Soul
8. Sandy In Motion - I'm Crying Without You
9. The Nomads - How Many Times
10. Unknown - Except Me
11. The Flying Machine - Smile A Little Smile For Me
12. The Cyrkle - Turn Down Day
13. The Byrds - What's Happening?!?!

14. The Association - Along Comes Mary
15. The Ascots - I Need You
16. The De-Coys - Bad Times
17. The Seeds - Can't Seem To Make You Mine
18. The Choir - It's Cold Outside
19. ? And The Mysterians - Can't Get Enough Of You, Baby
20. The Tradewinds - New York's A Lonely Town

- compiled by Denez "lonely-hearts" McAdoo

Some of this stuff is off of 45's I own, but a lot of it is from various compilations including Fuzz Pudding Factory: Incredible Sound Show Stories Vol. 12, Teenage Shutdown 6: I'm Down Today, RAVE: with the Amphetamine Generation, Chocolate Soup For Diabetics Vol. 3, Sigh, Cry, Die, Relative Distance: New England Garage Bands, Ugly Things Vol. 1.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

v/a - Teenage Suicide Vol. 2 (1977 - 85 - powerpop, punk, and other junk)

Here's round two of my powerpop compilation. I had this completed weeks ago, but I couldn't find any cool pictures to go along with it. So instead you get lable scans and detailed information about each release. BORING! I know you don't give a fuck because your just a freeloading internet troll who was looking for porn and stumbpled on my blog cuz of the walking booty .gif in the corner there. Well your going to learn something anyways.

Added bonus! I'm tired and don't feel like finishing this blog post, so I've dropped the link allready and will fill in the rest of the info later. Hows that for professionalism!

Shadowfax - The Russians Are Comming/ Calling The Shots - Risky Disks (1980) - All I know is that this disk runs in the $300 range, and thus why I ripped it from the "Teenage Treats" comp vol. 6, which is kinda rare itself.

The Pork Dukes - Bend And Flush/ Throbbing Gristle - Wood Records (1977) - Apparently some distributor listed this then non-existent band's first release in their catalog as a joke. Over a 1000 pre-orders later someone had to quickly get a band together and actually record the single.

Gary Valentine - The First One/ Tomorrow Belongs To You - (197?) - Bassist for Blondie's solo work. Real good stuff especially since I don't care about Blondie.

1. Shadowfax - The Russians Are Coming
2. The Pork Dukes - Bend and Flush
3. Gary Valentine - Tomorrow Belongs to You

4. The Scruffs - Teenage Girls
5. The Pigs - Youthanasia
6. Boy's Life - Perfect Life
7. The Sidewalks - Rhythm Kids
8. The Bureaucrats - Feel the Pain
9. The Taxi Boys - Up Is Up
10. Stiv Bators - Not That Way Anymore
11. The Sages - Not This Time

12. Marc Thor - Rosanella
13. Marbles - Red Lights
14. The Players - Maybe Tonight
15. The Cold - You
16. Lonely boys - Lonely Boys
17. Advertising - Lipstick
18. Da Biz - On The Beach
19. The Barracudas - I Want My Woody Back
20. The Denizens - Danger in Disneyland
21. Josie Cotton - Johnny Are You Queer

- compiled by Denez "butterscotch pudding" McAdoo

I personally recorded all this crap from vinyl, 90% from original 45's. Some of it may sound crappy, but if you don't like it, then go eat a bag of dicks. A few of the tracks I pulled from either a Killed By Death, Power Pearls, or Teenage Treats comp. There all good (and all bootlegs themselves) so go search for 'em on Ebay. Their also all vinyl only.

But in the mean time, LEAVE A COMMENT in the comments page!!!! Show some motherfucking love every once in a while. Sheesh.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Kids (1979 - first-wave Belgian KBD punk rock: Hubble Bubble, Ivy Green, The Saints)

The Kids - The Kids Bootlegged a enough times for this to be accepted as one of the best non-UK/US/Ireland bands of the first rock-n'-roll-tinged punk wave. This is Belgium's The Kids (there was at least 2 others at the same time, not all punk) and this is their rip snortin' first album released on Philips, of all labels. I guess there wasn't quite the same DIY underground distribution system in place yet as there was in the UK and Ireland.

In any case, Philips probably had the same idea in mind that these three delinquent youth had: to capitalize on this emerging punk trend while it was still cool to wear a ripped t-shirt and a dangly earring. But just because lead singer Ludo Mariman on the back cover wears a badge that says "PUNK" and has (shutter) saftey pins through it, doesn't mean that they're not "authentic" or some bullshit like that. In my worthless opinion, there was no such thing as a punk parody band, because punk itself was a parody of prevailing rock and roll cliches. The worse the better! (see the Gong Show's punk episide for an example.)

Ok, enough half-baked punk sociological deconstruction for one day. As the band declare in their first song, "This is Rock n' Roll", the music is, um, well, rock n' roll. Only every cliche is turned up to 10. It's not exactly melodic, but like most bands from the pre-hardcore punk wave, it's memorable thanks in large part to it sounding so damn fun. This was when punk was a still phenomenon that was flirting with some mainstream appeal and everyone was invided, instead of becoming an alienating clique.

Ok, this is one of my top 10 first wave punk albums, despite my above review failing to communicate how much I like this band. If nothing else, it will show you that punk was more than just a London vs. New York fashion contest. There were ADD addled high-school drop-outs looking for some cheep r'n'r thrills every where in the world (see Austraila for more evidence of this.)

- boring uninspired review by denez!

1. This is rock 'n roll
2. Do you love the nazis
3. Bloody Belgium
4. For the fret
5. Baby that's alright
6. Fascist cops
7. I wanna get a job in the city
8. I don't care
9. I feel alright
10. Old D.J.'s
11. I'll get you
12. Money is all I need

128 kbps, ripped from vinyl.
I don't think this has yet seen a legit reissue. A six CD discography is available at this random site, but it will cost you a lot of euros.

So instead, check out the comments!!! Then drop your pants, look to your left, and cough.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Funky Muck-Much and Hot-buttered Southern Slop (Soul & RnB - 20 skillet sizzlin slabs of gravy-covered roast beef!)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLet's give credit to the gnarly-toothed British Norther soul collectors for helping dig-up tones of old shit-encrusted 45's from out some Alzheimer addled old black man's basement. Best part is, all THEY want is is wimpy "North Soul" that you can prance-around-splitting your Adidas pants to while hopped on over-the-counter speed. Or selling on e-Bay for, like, a billion dollars.

Well, thanks for dumping your extra spit-bucket soul trash into the dollar bin for me! Nay! The 50 cent bin!! Yes, its true, there is still plenty of budget soul records out there sitting piled-up sleeve-less in old milk crates, just waiting to get washed off in the sink and set to destroy your record needle. A large part of my soul 45 collection I got in the dollar-or-less bin. Yes most of it is beat to a very-literal piece of shit and almost none of the records that I have here were found in such bad condition and for so cheap (aside from Jerry Williams's "Peanut Duck" and Jimmy Castor's "Troglodyte" [which I actually bought twice for 50 cents in complete shit condition, before I got this clean copy for a $1)

In any case, none of this is "North Soul," some of the more R'n'B tracks and or gospal tracks are not even very danceable, it's mostly southern soul, it's all hot as shit, plus it sounds like it was recorded in the back of a Pentecostal church rec-room.

I'd talk about the individual artists and post pictures. But I won't.

- paranoid delusions by denez!

  1. Ruby and The Party Gang - Hey Ruby (Shut Your Mouth)
  2. Sugarpie Di Santo - The Whoo Pee
  3. Hollywood Jills - He Makes Me So Mad
  4. Billy Guy - Women
  5. Jese Gee - Don't Mess With My Money
  6. John Roberts - Sockin' 1-2-3-4
  7. Dossie Terry - Soul Food
  8. The Vibrations - Cave Man
  9. G. L. Crockett - Watch My 32
  10. The Sharpees - Do The 45
  11. Rufus Thomas - Jump Back
  12. Eddie Kirk - The Grunt
  13. Dyke and the Blazers - Funky Walk Part 1 (East)
  14. Crumb Brothers - Seat in the Kindgom
  15. Little Joe Cook (and the Thrillers) - Funky Hump
  16. The Fantastic Johnny C - Boogaloo Down Broadway
  17. Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Shake and Fingerpop
  18. Jerry Williams - Philly Duck
  19. Marsha Gee - Peanut Duck
  20. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte (Cave Man)

all ripped directly from my 45 collection, except for Eddie Kirk's - "The Grunt" and Crumb Brothers - "Seat in the Kingdom"

From: "Jump and Shout!" - no label
and: Life is a "Problem" - Mississippi records


Friday, October 10, 2008

I died. But maybe I'm back

Here's another useless post that NO ONE will read! Fuck I hardly want to write it. I think this is the second time I wrote a post apologizing about not posting in forever.... and then trying to start blogging again.

Well people still visit my blog and leave comments even though I haven't posted in over A YEAR and most of my links are probably broken. I once again promise that I will try to start blogging again, so keep yer eyes peeled. Maybe I'll expand the focus a bit, maybe I'll narrow it. Maybe I won't change it. Let me know what you think (if there is even a "you" out there.)

I'm still been getting weird records. I've even been into new genres!!! POWERPOP, SOUL, BUBBLEGUM, GIRLGROUP, GLAM, LESBIAN COUNTRY BOOGALOO. Ok, I made up the last one.

One last thing before I go. Does anyone know how to imbed a muisc player into my blog that just plays one song? I've seen other blogs that do this but I never figured out how.

- ultimate super usless waste of time blog post by denez!

Monday, March 05, 2007

v/a - Teenage Suicide (1977-1982 - Power-pop: The Undertones, The Buzzcocks, The Only Ones, The Scientists, The Nerves)


01. The Verlaines - Death and the Maiden
02. The Nerves - Hanging on the Telephone
03. The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet
04. The Hollywood Killers - Goodbye Suicide
05. The Scientists - Frantic Romantic

06. The Undertones - Teenage Kicks
07. The Kids - Do You Wanna Know
08. Rubber City Rebels - Young and Dumb
09. The Wasps - Teenage Treats
10. The Reducers - Out of Step

11. The Phones - I'm So Neat
12. The Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action
13. The Shivvers - Teen Line
14. The Pranks - I Don't Want To Loose This Feeling
15. The Ramones - Here Today Gone Tomorow

16. The Paul Collin's Band - Walking Out On Love
17 The Nerves - When You Find Out
18. The Buzzcocks - I Believe

Comp of only the greatist power-pop singles of all time.

- compiled by denez "the motherfucker" mcadoo from various sources.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sonic's Rendezvous Band - Too Much Crank! (1978 - amphetamine-fuled maximum RnR: MC5, The Stooges, Radio Birdman, Destroy All Monsters)

Sorry guys, my computers (both!!) are down and will be for a short time. Hopefully all the vinyl I had burned isn't lost...

Oh, we'll, i guess this means i'll be brakeing till i've got everthing up and running (i'm moving as well). I know you don't care about lamo' personal shit so here's something i've been saving for you to chew on in the mean time. It's Fred "Sonic" Smith's legendary band, with Scott Ashton (another Stooges + MC5 group - see my Destroy All Monster's post for more) and Scott Morgan (from the Rationals, I've got some of that that I can post later as well).

And, yep, their as good as you would have guessed they were.

This was released on white vinyl, limited to 666 copies, so if you don't got it, your a looser.

ok, see you in a bit.


  1. City Slang
  2. Sweet Little Sixteen
  3. Clock With No Hands
  4. You're So Great (F.Smith)
  5. Song L
  6. Sweet Nothin'
  7. Love & Learn
  8. It's Alright
  9. Electrophonic Tonic

168 kbps, ripped from vinyl.

This album is vinyl only, so not on Amazon, but they do have this mega-ultra boxed set that these tracks were pulled from, right here.

or see what's currently on EBay HERE!!!!!!

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Sonic's Rendezvous Band - City Slang

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Crushed Butler - Uncrushed (1969-71 - dead-hippie Proto-Punk, wild R'n'R: The Stooges, Rocket From the Tombs)

Crushed Butler - Uncrushed We've got a real killer on our hands this time, folks!!

Mostly when music writers throw around the phrase "proto-punk" it don't mean to much, but this is the true thing right here. Very few bands managed to fill the post-73-Stooges, pre-76-Ramones void that was the sputtering dying hippie dream of peace, love, and paisley pants. Sure their was Glam, and Prog, and some tough-as-nails rock'n'roll, but not much really that matched the mountain of fuzz and nothing-to-loose attitude that the Stooges has established as far back as '69.

Not so, as this absolutely killer 6 song E.P. of unreleased demo recording clearly shows. Apparently recorded over the course of 3 years in 3 different studios, Crushed Butler learned the had way that being way ahead of your time usually means no one understands you. Subsequently, you won't be appreciated, you won't make money, and you'll be kicked out onto your asses before you even get started.

Legend has it that when drummer Darryl Read, guitarist Jesse Hector, and bassist Allen Butler were invited to record EMI studios on a wave of local success, they were graciously brought in on limousine, but after laying down a few tracks of their gnarly working class street-skum anthem "Factor Grime," were then less then graciously given the boot and had to ride the subway back home.

The drums are relentless, the guitar moronically-brilliant, the vocals strained and desperate. PERFECT! All the songs are scorchers, even "Love is All Around Me" which sounds weak but isn't. "Love Fighter" is a slow dirge number, but still heavy-as-shit and thick-as-bricks. "High School Dropout" is a bit more standard I-V-IV rocker like Back in the USA era MC5.

The first two tracks, "It's My Life" and "Factory Grime" are absolutely must hear tracks, if you consider your life worth living. Other wise - kill yourself.

- potentially damaging review by denez

  1. It's My Life
  2. Factory Grime
  3. Love Is All Around Me
  4. My Son's Alive
  5. Love Fighter
  6. High School Dropout
Ripped from CD by some blogger a long time ago... i'm getting lazy recently.

If anyone knows where I can get a copy of the 1991 Dig That Fuzz 10" vinyl copy of this let me know. But in the mean time Ebay's got some as does Amazon.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh (1968-72 - Hea)vy-psych Proto-Doom: Witchcraft, Pentagram, Black Sabbath)

Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh Not a lot of info out there on this band, since it appears they never had a legitimate release back in 1968-72 when this material was originally recorded. It wouldn't be until 1994 that the Kissing Spell label would give these recording the light of day, but now even those releases are difficult to find in any format.

Don't let that stop you from taking the plunge and snagging this proto-doom hard-fuzz monster. If you've ever heard a modern Swedish band called Witchcraft, then you already have something of a primer for 70's basement-doom and minor-chord lyte-psych melodies that are common do both of these bands. Imagining if Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-era Black Sabbath, instead of getting all synthy and fast, went into a bit more Jethro Tull-esque folksy melodic jamming. Weird sounding, I know, but I wouldn't be surprised if both The Wicked Lady and Witchcraft share Pentagram as a common denominator.

The first track "Run The Night" is the most balls-to-the-wall rocking, and the song "The Wicked Lady" sound right out of the aforementioned Witchcraft's catalog. Other songs, like "War Cloud" might wait a full 4 min before the vocals kick in, and "The Axeman Cometh" is a hard-rocking instrumental. Add a healthy does of wah-wah hell into the mix, and you might occasionally come a bit too close to wanky-jamming overkill.

But, not for me. The lost-in-a-void vocals, and acid-hangover guitar total blows most other supposedly "heavy" 70's releases out of the water. Singer-guitarist Martin Weaver, here with drummer "Mad" Dick Smith, and bassist Bob Jeffries, would later join another Kissing Spell discovered treasure band, The Dark. I've never heard that album, so if anyone's got it, let me know.

- overview by denez
By the way THIS RECORD SLEEVE IS NOT THE SAME BAND. Don't know who it is but i thought it was funny. I kinda wish it was though.... they're HOT!

  1. Run The Night
  2. War Cloud
  3. The Axeman Cometh
  4. Life and Death
  5. Wicked Lady
  6. Out of the Dark
  7. Rebel
  8. Living on the Edge
Variable Bit Rate, ripped from CD. Didn't do this my self, but got it from a blog a long time ago. It's split in two files, sorry.

Head on over to the Kissing Spell site and check out what they've got in stock HERE.
but im sure a lot is out of stock, so see if AMAZON or EBAY got it.

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