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Monday, March 02, 2009

Charles Manson - LIE (1970 - hippy-dippy, mumbo-jumbo - Tyrannosaurus Rex, Neil Young, Ya Ho Wa 13)

Charles Manson - Lie
What more can I say about this man? A charming fellow or psychopathic serial murder?

1) Look At Your Game Girl
2) Ego
3) Mechanical Man

4) People Say I'm No Good
5) Home Is Where You're Happy
6) Arkansas

7) I'll Never Say Never to Always
8) Garbage Dump
9) Don't Do Anything Illegal

10) Sick City
11) Cease To Exist
12) Big Iron Door
13) I Once Knew A Man
14) Eyes of A Dreamer

- Denez "the faithful acolyte" McAdoo

Ripped from a tape on Awareness Records, 1987. This might have actually been done by ESP Records out of New York. Don't know really. Either way, good luck getting a hold of a vinyl copy.

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