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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Funky Muck-Much and Hot-buttered Southern Slop (Soul & RnB - 20 skillet sizzlin slabs of gravy-covered roast beef!)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLet's give credit to the gnarly-toothed British Norther soul collectors for helping dig-up tones of old shit-encrusted 45's from out some Alzheimer addled old black man's basement. Best part is, all THEY want is is wimpy "North Soul" that you can prance-around-splitting your Adidas pants to while hopped on over-the-counter speed. Or selling on e-Bay for, like, a billion dollars.

Well, thanks for dumping your extra spit-bucket soul trash into the dollar bin for me! Nay! The 50 cent bin!! Yes, its true, there is still plenty of budget soul records out there sitting piled-up sleeve-less in old milk crates, just waiting to get washed off in the sink and set to destroy your record needle. A large part of my soul 45 collection I got in the dollar-or-less bin. Yes most of it is beat to a very-literal piece of shit and almost none of the records that I have here were found in such bad condition and for so cheap (aside from Jerry Williams's "Peanut Duck" and Jimmy Castor's "Troglodyte" [which I actually bought twice for 50 cents in complete shit condition, before I got this clean copy for a $1)

In any case, none of this is "North Soul," some of the more R'n'B tracks and or gospal tracks are not even very danceable, it's mostly southern soul, it's all hot as shit, plus it sounds like it was recorded in the back of a Pentecostal church rec-room.

I'd talk about the individual artists and post pictures. But I won't.

- paranoid delusions by denez!

  1. Ruby and The Party Gang - Hey Ruby (Shut Your Mouth)
  2. Sugarpie Di Santo - The Whoo Pee
  3. Hollywood Jills - He Makes Me So Mad
  4. Billy Guy - Women
  5. Jese Gee - Don't Mess With My Money
  6. John Roberts - Sockin' 1-2-3-4
  7. Dossie Terry - Soul Food
  8. The Vibrations - Cave Man
  9. G. L. Crockett - Watch My 32
  10. The Sharpees - Do The 45
  11. Rufus Thomas - Jump Back
  12. Eddie Kirk - The Grunt
  13. Dyke and the Blazers - Funky Walk Part 1 (East)
  14. Crumb Brothers - Seat in the Kindgom
  15. Little Joe Cook (and the Thrillers) - Funky Hump
  16. The Fantastic Johnny C - Boogaloo Down Broadway
  17. Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Shake and Fingerpop
  18. Jerry Williams - Philly Duck
  19. Marsha Gee - Peanut Duck
  20. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte (Cave Man)

all ripped directly from my 45 collection, except for Eddie Kirk's - "The Grunt" and Crumb Brothers - "Seat in the Kingdom"

From: "Jump and Shout!" - no label
and: Life is a "Problem" - Mississippi records


Friday, October 10, 2008

I died. But maybe I'm back

Here's another useless post that NO ONE will read! Fuck I hardly want to write it. I think this is the second time I wrote a post apologizing about not posting in forever.... and then trying to start blogging again.

Well people still visit my blog and leave comments even though I haven't posted in over A YEAR and most of my links are probably broken. I once again promise that I will try to start blogging again, so keep yer eyes peeled. Maybe I'll expand the focus a bit, maybe I'll narrow it. Maybe I won't change it. Let me know what you think (if there is even a "you" out there.)

I'm still been getting weird records. I've even been into new genres!!! POWERPOP, SOUL, BUBBLEGUM, GIRLGROUP, GLAM, LESBIAN COUNTRY BOOGALOO. Ok, I made up the last one.

One last thing before I go. Does anyone know how to imbed a muisc player into my blog that just plays one song? I've seen other blogs that do this but I never figured out how.

- ultimate super usless waste of time blog post by denez!